The Complete Guide to NuNorm's Men's Makeup Essentials


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Ever wonder why it’s so rare to see makeup for men? We do, which is one of the many reasons for launching NuNorm. 

Our products are specifically made for men’s skin. They are easy to use, even for someone who’s never done makeup before, ensuring confidence for all men.

NuNorm’s Philosophy

The NuNorm team is here to challenge stereotypes and promote authenticity through community building and our easy-to-use products. 

It’s more than makeup—it’s a commitment to empower men to redefine their concept of masculinity. We can help men live better lives, inside and out, by creating men's makeup essentials specifically formulated for their skin. 

NuNorm’s Product Lineup

There is no progress without action, so we’ve created a game-changing solution with products specifically formulated for men. 

Start with our Tinted Hydrator as the perfect primer, and finish with amazing brows using our Brow Rescue pencil. We’re ready to help you get the perfect natural look with fewer steps!

Tinted Hydrator

Enriched with high-performance skincare ingredients, this sheer, tinted water-gel formula effortlessly blurs imperfections, evens skin tone, and provides perfect hydration. 

Tailored for a man on the go, this non-greasy formula guarantees perfect skin and a healthier complexion that lasts all day. 

Quick Cover stick

Our concealer is designed with a lightweight formula for men to achieve perfect, natural-looking skin every time

The formula is buildable, making it perfect for a quick cover-up or when you need to target blemishes. 

We developed the Quick Cover Stick with a brush attached, making it perfect while on the go.

Brow Rescue pencil

We carefully crafted the Brow Rescue after considering the unique needs of men’s grooming. 

Understanding men wanted all of their facial hair to look good, not just their brows, we crafted the Brow Rescue as a versatile solution

Now, it’s also become a favorite to fill in patchy facial hair.

Shine Eraser

Our mattifying powder eliminates shine, sweat, and oil, so you’ll never deal with shiny skin again. 

Whether it’s when you finish your routine or when you’re out, we developed this as practically as possible. 

Its compact case allows you to take it wherever you go, ensuring you always feel confident.

The Okuni Brush

We understand that some guys are just starting their makeup and skincare journeys. 

That’s why we wanted to make a brush that makes it easy when applying powders, creams, and liquids. 

A Kabuki-style brush was the perfect solution. It applies everything perfectly, making it the ultimate solution. 

How to Use NuNorm's Men's Makeup Essentials

Step 1: Start with our Tinted Hydrator

Every natural makeup look starts off with good hydration. Apply a small amount of our Tinted Hydrator to your face and neck. You can easily blend this out with your fingers or our Kabuki-style brush. This gives you the perfect even base to lock all of your makeup in place.

a model applying NuNorm
a hand with NuNorm

Step 2: Apply our Quick Cover Stick

Once you’re done hydrating your skin, apply our Quick Cover Stick to areas that you’d like to conceal. The formula is buildable, giving you as much coverage as you’d like. This makes it the perfect product to cover dark under eyes, blemishes, or skin tone.

a man applying NuNorm
a close up image of NuNorm

Step 3: Get perfect facial hair with the Brow Rescue pencil

Now that you have perfect skin, it’s time to tend to your brows and facial hair. Easily fill in patchy facial hair with the Brow Rescue pencil. Once you’re finished, you’ll have perfectly shaped and filled brows and a fuller-looking beard.

a man making sure he does not have patchy facial hair with NuNorm
a man holding NuNorm

Step 4: Finish off with the Shine Eraser

After you finish applying everything, it’s time to set your makeup. Use our Shine Eraser to keep your makeup in place all day while getting a perfect matte finish. We also made the case compact, so you can take it with you and use it whenever you need a touchup!

A man applying the NuNorm Shine Eraser to finish his makeup
A close-up image of NuNorm

NuNorm Community Stories

The guys within the community we are building have given helpful feedback to perfect all of the NuNorm products. They are a foundational aspect of NuNorm, and they have helped shape all of our makeup and skin care products to fit the specific needs of men.

Here’s what the NuNormGents are saying

NuNormGent Mike

I really like the Tinted Hydrator because it’s easy to use, and I like the Brow Rescue. I use it to fill in a bald spot on my beard, and you can’t argue with the results.


Final Thoughts

We are revolutionizing makeup and challenging stereotypes with NuNorm. Explore all of our easy-to-use makeup for men to help you get the perfect natural makeup look. Be sure to join the NuNorm community to join the conversation, and don’t forget to check out our easy-to-follow makeup tutorials.