Our Origin​

NuNorm’s story began with our founder, Jeff, drawing inspiration from his kids, specifically his son Quincy (a.k.a. Dizzy). He watched his son and daughter play with nail polish and makeup which over the years transformed from playing to wearing. The carefree attitude towards wearing makeup, the tips and tricks on using certain products, and the confidence that was exuded; these moments became pivotal for Jeff in creating NuNorm to help reshape how we define masculinity and our own self-image.



Enhancement | Empowerment | Ease

NuNorm was created to defy the stereotype that makeup was exclusive to women. Recognizing the lack of products, we formulated makeup and skincare products tailored to men’s skin. We want to empower every man to live more authentically through our products and the NuNorm Community.

We believe in

A commitment to strong mental health positive self image
Simple and high performing products
Clear instructions and helpful tips
A give-back philosophy
Real customer reviews


Our Solutions

Our products were formulated as the result of careful consideration, extensive testing, and your valuable feedback. We’ve created versatile, buildable, and easy-to-use products—simplifying your skincare and makeup routines to meet your needs and preferences.

Oily Skin

Manage oily skin effectively with NuNorm’s Shine Eraser—an on-the-go solution to achieve a matte finish.
Check out our Shine Eraser!

Large Pores

Conceal large pores effortlessly with NuNorm’s Quick Cover Stick. You’ll minimize your pore’s appearance and get natural, even-toned skin.
Check out our Quick Cover!

Patchy Facial Hair

You’ll never need to worry about patchy facial hair again. Use our Brow Rescue pencil to get a perfect beard every time.
Check out our Brow Rescue!

Dry Skin

Say goodbye to dry skin with NuNorm’s Tinted Hydrator! Enjoy the moisturizing benefits of its hydrating ingredients for healthier, hydrated skin.
Check out our Tinted Hydrator!


Instantly even out your skin tone while calming and correcting redness with NuNorm’s Tinted Hydrator. 
Check out our tinted hydrator!


Perfect for spot-covering, NuNorm’s Quick Cover Stick is a buildable concealer, providing your skin with whatever level of coverage it needs.
Check out our Quick Cover!

a letter from our ceo

Our mission is to help men feel confident and empowered by offering high-quality makeup products that cater to their specific needs. We acknowledge that men's skin is fundamentally different than women’s, and, as such, men need a line of products designed specifically to address their unique challenges.

We passionately believe that makeup is for everyone, and we want to change the outdated perception that it is exclusively for women. We hope to see a future where wearing makeup is the “norm” for all genders. We invite you to step out of your comfort zone and join us in this journey of discovery and societal transformation.


    We allocate grants and educational support to non-profits making a difference in men’s mental health.


    Each year this grant will be open for organizations to apply for financial funding. The award will be based on financial needs and community input.

  • How you can support Your Community

    Community members will be asked to vote on grant candidates. In addition to voting for your favorite grant candidate, please feel free to support independently the published nonprofits.