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How NuNorm began

Makeup for Men

Product Showcase

Hey! I’m Jeff, NuNorm’s founder, and I’m thrilled to give you a glimpse into our origin story. My ultimate goal with NuNorm is to create a makeup and skincare brand built on openness and inclusivity, which directly echo how I move through life. So, let’s dive in! 

The Nail Polish That Kickstarted Everything

In my household, I ensured that self-expression wasn’t merely encouraged–-it was celebrated. This mentality made my kids, Emma and Quincy, uninterested in traditional gender norms, resulting in painting their nails and playing dress up together. Watching them express themselves so simply would become a driving force behind NuNorm. 

Challenging Stereotypes: Quincy's School Days

Quincy’s confidence in self-expression intrigued many of his classmates. He unknowingly became a trailblazer because they started asking to paint their nails. These requests conflicted with the beliefs of other parents, and they expressed their concerns. However, the pushback drove Quincy to continue challenging societal norms, inspiring me even more.

NuNorm’s Inception

Years later, while at the gym with Quincy, he and another guy started chatting. After they finished, I asked who he was. Quincy told me they’d never met, but he complimented his nails. A stranger’s compliment showed so much progress, but I knew how much more was needed for men.

NuNorm’s Values

After the interaction at the gym, we went full force with creating NuNorm. We wanted a brand that offered the same values we live by. NuNorm would redefine masculinity, promote confidence, and provide men with opportunities for self-expression. We would be helping men live a more open and fulfilling life.

Redefining Masculinity

I've always believed that true strength lies in authenticity. NuNorm empowers men to redefine masculinity on their terms. Our goal is to help them feel like they can use makeup, break outdated stereotypes, and feel great without fear of judgment.

Promoting Confidence

Confidence is a key component of positive mental health. By using our products and elevating their appearance, they will feel the most confident on the outside, directly impacting their feelings internally.

Makeup for Men

We envisioned NuNorm products to redefine men’s skincare and makeup. Our products offer natural coverage and healthy skin complexion and are ultimately easy to apply and use. 

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our rigorous testing, ensuring top-notch performance and setting new standards for men’s makeup and skincare products.

Product Showcase:

Every product in the NuNorm lineup reflects our dedication to providing top-notch male makeup essentials. They were designed to address specific needs for men’s skin and ensure optimal convenience and effectiveness.

Tinted Hydrator

Our Tinted Hydrator is a lightweight hydrating product enriched with high-quality skincare ingredients.


It goes beyond just providing a base for your makeup; it also contributes to a healthier-looking complexion over time.

Quick Cover Concealer

In formulating this concealer, we considered the unique characteristics of men’s skin and many skin tones.

Our lightweight, buildable formula makes it easy to conceal anything from undereye circles to blemish spots.

We’ve also included the perfect application brush, ensuring you have everything you need for your routine. 

Brow Rescue Pencil

Our brow pencil provides men with an easy-to-use tool perfect for grooming brows (and even beards).

The pencils are infused with Japan wax, ensuring a smooth application and leaving you with perfectly groomed facial hair.

The Okuni Brush

We wanted a brush that offered men versatility when applying makeup.

After researching, we found that a Kabuki-style brush was the perfect, versatile solution.

These brushes have super-soft bristles, perfect for applying powders, creams, or liquids.

Shine Eraser

We developed the Shine Eraser to provide a quick, on-the-go solution to remove excess shine, sweat, and oil easily.

The talc-free, hydrating formula is enriched with olive oil, helping keep you shine-free and your skin perfectly conditioned.


While we are just beginning NuNorm’s journey, I can see how it will help reshape and redefine masculinity and accessibility with makeup for men and their skincare products. We’re excited to be part of your daily routine and can’t wait to help you feel your best.

P.S. We’re cultivating a community and we’d love for you to be a part of it! Join the growing community here.

How can men achieve a natural look with makeup?

Achieving a natural look with makeup involves using a tinted hydrator, concealer for imperfections, an even skin tone, eyebrow, and facial hair pencil, and applying lip balm.

Do men need gender-specific makeup products?

We've specifically formulated all of our products to target the most prominent concerns in men's skin. Many cosmetics products currently available cater more to women. NuNorm is here to change this.

What are the essential makeup products for men?

We launched NuNorm with essential makeup products in mind. You can complete a full natural makeup look with the current products we have available.

About NuNorm

Born out of a mission to revolutionize the concept of masculinity, NuNorm encourages men to fully embrace their true selves. 

Our commitment is to help you along your journey by providing accessible skincare and makeup for men that enhance your confidence and self-expression.